Monday, March 26, 2007

Promotion of the Blog (Round Two)

To continue promoting my blog, I posted on two other classmates' blogs (relating to product placement, as well), with hopes that people will see their blog, read my comment, then visit my blog! It should generate some extra traffic.

On both blogs, the writers discussed Second Life and how it is a good or bad opportunity for certain products. I am impressed with Second Life, as are they, and we feel it is a good way to market and "place" our products out in the virtual world with hopes for "real-world" purchases.

Check out these blogs and visit my posts!



1 comment:

Kim Gregson said...

it's promotion but really not worth any credit - unless you're friends with joe jaffe or steve rubel you're not really getting the job done. We want to be part of the professional conversation

So - find some other folks' blogs to comment on - talk to the folks doing jobs you wnat to have for instance