Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I saw it, now I want to buy it...

Surfing through a media website for my marketing class, I came across an article discussing a website where you can buy the products you see on your favorite TV shows or in your favorite movies - the clothes, the cosmetics, the martini glasses - anything and everything. No way, I thought, could I really get what Meredith was wearing on Grey's Anatomy or find the clothes or products that are similar or used by my favorite actress and sitcom star, Jennifer Aniston??? You betcha!! I decided to look further.
This recent article on International Herald Tribune online discusses a website called SeeOn.com. SeenOn.com simply sells the products of product placement. Confused? Well, last night were the Oscars. Designers flocked to celebrities before the show to get them to wear their dresses or jewelery, hoping that consumers will see or hear about the products, and then want to buy them. This is product placement at its best. Browsing through SeenOn.com, there was actually real and knock-off jewelery, dresses, and even the pantyhose of the stars. Information on Reese Witherspoon's "Diamond Bangle," Penelope Cruz's "Diamond Cluster Earrings," and (surprise!) cleavage gel inserts were posted on this website for more information and for purchase. I could easily buy the products that were placed in front of my eyes at the glitzy and glamorous awards show last night. In fact, you could buy almost anything - a huge benefit to manufacturers, marketers, and sellers.

According to the article, as more consumers use digital video recorders and watch fewer commercials, "brands are looking at ways to connect with viewers...and consumers' fascination with celebrity culture and new technologies are allowing this to happen." Therefore, brands are incorporating themselves in TV or in the movies to create hype and consumer interest with their product, which may turn into a purchase. Marketers and businesses are getting desperate to reach their audience and product placement may do the trick. It is evident that this methodology is working because: "Product placement generates $4 billion...and some have estimated that extending this model creates a market potentially worth $100 billion." $100 billion, just from product placement! This is a very useful marketing tool indeed!

It was truly interesting of what can be purchased on this website. If you are curious, please visit and look around. It is the essence of product placement and a very fascinating way to sell products.
Here are some of the most popular hits on SeenOn.com:

*Gucci 85th anniversary bag from "Ugly Betty"
*Meredith Grey's JBrand jeans
*Gabrielle's Aldo purse from "Desperate Housewives"

Other websites to visit, too!

And, by the way...there were over 345 items that I can buy that Jennifer Aniston uses!! Hmmmm...

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