Monday, February 26, 2007

One of the Four P's - PROMOTION

As an Integrated Marketing Communications student, I have learned the importance of the marketing mix in making a product successful. A marketing mix is defined by four P's - Product, Place/Distribution, Price, and Promotion. For my blog, I already created it as a product, have a place for it on this website, and price is not really applicable. So, that leaves me with...PROMOTION!

To promote my blog I will:

*Post a link in my Facebook profile to allow people to see the link and visit my blog.
*Tell my friends, family, and peers about the blog and hope that word of mouth will spread.
*Post on other blogs so people can visit my blog after reading my comments somewhere else.

We shall see if this works...

1 comment:

Kim Gregson said...

10 points for the week

you said things you planned to do to promote the blog - what did you actually do

and remembger - we want to reach out to the profession - so talking to friends and family not as important as reaching out to other bloggers in the field